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Manage your assets, $PYR and $LAVA earnings and track your rankings


Swap, Stake, Earn.


NFT Auctions, Trades and Listings.


Create, Sell and Collect Authentic NFT Art.

Vulcan Forged Premium Blockchain Gaming Ecosystem

Explore the depths of the Vulcan Forged eco-system. Immerse yourself in our Play2Earn fantasy games, earning LAVA and NFTs , trade on our NFT Marketplace and participate in NFT farms and pools on our NFT gaming-token Dex .

Vulcan News

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VISIT Mar 10, 2021

VulcanVerse 101

With the upcoming launch of VulcanVerse Beta we think it makes sense to provide a brief explanation of all aspects of this revolutionary new game. Let s dive in and learn more!

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VISIT NOV 2, 2021

Merit Circle

Merit Circle is changing the rules of gaming. They offer outstanding support and automation for thousands of players. It is a decentralized autonomous

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VISIT OCT 12, 2021

Multiplier program

Receive $LAVA by staking $PYR. Use the multiplier NFT to 1.5x your rewards. Introduction of the bonus $LAVA over time reward. It is a decentralized autonomous

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VISIT NOV 08, 2021

Vulcan Forged and The Sandbox

We are very excited to announce our collaboration between our own metaverse VulcanVerse and the virtual world The Sandbox. The Sandbox is a virtual world where players can play, build, own, and monetize their virtual experience.

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VISIT Nov 22, 2021


There are many SDKs for blockchain gaming around, and many are currently in development. Still, Vulcan Forged is going the extra mile by allowing every single game and Metaverse to integrate not only in-game assets but a play-to-earn economy also!

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VISIT Oct 1, 2021

Comprehensive Guide To VulcanForged

Vulcanites are the primary creatures of the VulcanVerse. These formidable beasts accompany the player through their journey in VulcanVerse.

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VISIT Jul 23, 2021

How to Buy NFTs in the VulcanForged Marketplace

This article should walk you step by step, and show you how to use your PYR to purchase NFTs through the VulcanForged Marketplace. This article assumes prior knowledge of PYR. If you need a refresher check out this article on everything there is to know about PYR

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VISIT Nov 17, 2021

PYR on Binance Smart Chain

The Vulcan Forged ecosystem uses PYR on the Polygon blockchain for the transactions on their marketplace. However, they use VeChain for storing their NFTs. Because the PYR token is an ERC-20, it exists on both Ethereum and Polygon, allowing users to swap, trade and invest

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VISIT Oct 8, 2021

A Cedalions Story

Top lad Dave sees all this hype around this Vulcan Forged thing on Twitter. Games look good, earning while playing even cooler. He doesn�t have a spare $6k to buy land in VulcanVerse though as he�s saving for his wedding. So, he goes and plays a game of Berserk. Fun game. Lost a few times but got some XP. Then he wins. He sees 2 $LAVA in his account. He rushes off to the discord and asks if this is real money. �Well yes� the seasoned mortals say, �Just use VulcanDex to trade it to $PYR�

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