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Forge Arena is a new stand-alone game that pits you against four AI opponents consecutively or PvP in a battle of wits that will have you building, combining, and levelling up a crew in a battle of dominance for the arena. In this game, victory is determined not by twitch reflexes, but by superior tactics.

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Forge Arena MVP has the following key features:

  • Two hero characters to choose from. Choose a hero persona from our everexpanding roster that fits your play style. With unique gameplay-affecting changes, there's a hero character for everyone.
  • Ranked matchmaking. Everyone starts at the bottom, but by playing against other hero characters you'll climb through the ranks and prove you're the right person to rule the arena.
  • Select avatar and display name: The user can change his avatar or display name by clicking on profile avatar on the home screen on the top right side.
  • Play against bot player: A bot player is a computer-based played in which artificial intelligence is added with a certain permutation and combination of game pattern such that he makes his crew and plays against the player.
  • Health - Bottom Right. This tells you the base health stat for the card (only creature cards have a Health stat)
  • Ability Text - Centre. This explains what effects the card may have, either when played, or when attacking.

Gameplay overview

  • Start FA - play against computer or another player
  • Game starts:

    - You have X seconds to choose your starting 3 vulcanites.

    - The vulcanites available for use are all level 0 vulcanites, and any others you own as NFTs.

    - Note that X current vulcanites are known as "heroes" (Numatox, Asterion, chiron, charon). These are available after the 1st stage.

    - Vulcanites cost lava as shown on the screen.

    - Vulcanite order is displayed at random. It costs 2 lava to move to the next page of available vulcanites by hitting the Shuffle Button.

    - *Note this is to level the playing field a bit more between players who have many vulcanites, vs those who do not.

    - Once selection is made, each vulcanite appears at the bottom of the playing field. Drag and drop vulcanites into desired location. This can be changed each turn.

    - *Note each vulcanite has different defense, attack, and attack distance stats - these can be viewed in the main menu prior to starting a game - this may influence your vulcanite placement vs. your opponent.

  • After round 1, you are asked to select your Hero (if you own one), then you are given X lava to make more vulcanite purchases.
  • - If you own more than 1 of any single vulcanite, purchasing more of that vulcanite will result in "stacking".

    - Vulcanites can be leveled up to 5 times (displayed as 1-5 stars above vulcanite). After that, the next vulcanite selected will result in a 1-star vulcanite placed on the board. (I.e. if you have 8 thunders, you could have up to 1-5 star thunder and 1-3 star thunder. After all NFT vulcanites are used, you can continue to summon a level 1 (1 star) vulcanite moving forward each turn, but these can not be leveled up)

  • You will have the opportunity to select 1 hero between each turn (if you own more than 1). (I.e. if you own 1 Asterion, 2 Charons and 2 Numatox, you can select 1 between each turn, starting after round 1. Owning more than one will allow you to level your hero as noted above. So, if your first 4 hero selections go as such, numatox, numatox, asterion, charon -you will have a 1 2-star Numatox, 1 1-star Asterion and 1 1-star Charon.
  • Rounds continue until you or your opponent are out of lives (of which you have 4).

Each turn has 3 distinct phases. Upkeep, Main Phase, End of Turn. During the Upkeep step your available lava is set to the maximumavailab let his turn. You then drawn cards, and status effects wear off if applicable.

During the Main Phase you can play cards and attac with creatures, you can do this in any order you like, the main phase lasts for 60 seconds, but you can choose to end your turn early. You may attack any creature you choose, or the enemy hero directly, unless prevented from doing so by the effect s of a card. End of Turn cancels any active spells if you haven't selected a target , and applies any DoT (Damage over Time) effects where applicable.

  1. Lava Cost - Top Left. This tells you how much lava the card costs to play
  2. Rarity Gem - Top Right. This colored Gem provides an indication of the rarity of the card (typically correlated with power and value)
  3. Name of the Card -The middle of the card displays the Name
  4. Attack Strength - Bottom Left . This tells you the base attack stat for the card (only creature cards have an attack stat)
  5. Health - Bottom Right. This tells you the base health stat for the card (only creature cards have a Health stat)
  6. Ability Text - Centre. This explains what effects the card may have, either when played, or when attacking.

Player 7 starts on 7 Lava, and Player 2 starts on 2, to offset the advantage from going first . Lava then increases by l point each turn up to a maximum of 70.

Lava is not carried over from one turn to the next; anything you don't use is wasted, and your total, refills at the beginning of each turn. You cannot hold more than 10 lava at one time.

Card Draw

You draw 2 cards per turn, or up to a maximum hand size of 6 (which ever is lower) After Turn 7, card draw increases to 3 card s per turn, or up to maximum hand size At Turn 12, card drawn increases again to 4 cards per turn.

This keeps games of Berserk fast paced and energetic as they go on. This all o \tv s for big plays, but a big risk as you burn through v hat's left of your limited 30 card deck.

  • Blessing - Provid es a positive effect to a friendly card, specific details are on each card
  • Curse - Provides a negative effect to an enemy card, specific details are on each card
  • Heal - Restores hit points to either your hero or creatures.
  • Immortal - When your hero is Immortal, your life points cannot be targeted by enemy attacks or spells
  • Immune - Immune creatures cannot be affected by any targeted spells, abilities, or attacks.
  • Lifesteal - Heals itself during combat, equal to the damage dealt.
  • Poison - Applies a negative debuff that deals 2 damage at the end of turn for each stack of poiso n, Poison lasts for l turn , but applying additional stacks will refresh the timer.
  • Page - Creature gains +l /+0 during your Upkeep step
  • Reborn - The first time a Reborn creature dies, it is resummoned with its base attack and HP.
  • Sleep - When a card is first summoned it is asleep, and cannot attack until your next turn.
  • Stone skin - When a Stone skin creature takes damage, the attacker is stunned for l turn.
  • Strike - A strike creature has multiple attacks.
  • Stun - A creature that is Stunned is unable to defend itself, and will be unable to attack for l turn.
  • Taunt - Forces creatures to attack this card before being able to target any other creatures, or Hero life points directly.
  • Undead - Does not suffer from Sleep. Able to attack immediately when summoned.
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Forge Arena is a complex auto-battler using characters from many Vulcan Forged game in group battles. Wage war with your Vulcanites against CoddlePets or Block Babies against GeoCats!

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Vulcan Forged


Vulcan Forged


12 Feb, 2021